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Hello Friends! Some soul touching moments remain in us even after we leave the place! Here are my blogs based on experiences… I started this blog page in Jun 2020 to get out of COVID lockdown blues. I wanted to recollect my travel experiences so that by staying at home I could revisit those places in mind. The poetry and quotes followed in the flow. Sometimes when I watched a very nice movie I started writing reviews also. The quotes posted here were written over a period of 10 years in my diary and Facebook page. Other than that I have never written anything big. The idea of writing was introduced in my mind by Author Priya Kumar. Thanks to her. Today on 27th Sep, 2020 when I read back my travel blogs and poems I cant believe I have written them all. Thanks to all those who took time to read my posts and liked them which encouraged me to write. I am sure I cannot recreate any of what I have written here again. Its true that creativity changes the world around us! I am a Happy person now as life is a flow! Cheers to all those who write here!!!

Travel is never a matter of money but of courage.

Paulo Coelho

Travel makes me perfect! Travel treats the senses!

Travelling inwards to the soul or travelling outwards to the world around, travel is life!

About Me

I am new to blogging. Just posting here all that I want to share with people for shared happiness multiplies. Photos taken with mobile camera and some beautiful memories are all that I have.

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