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Mimi : Movie Review

Rating: The movie has a message that motherhood is not for the weak but for the brave women! The film is a comedy drama. Kriti Sanon looks awesome in the dance sequence. All the artists have performed their part well. But the storyline looks loosely coupled. The depth is missing and logic missing in manyContinue reading “Mimi : Movie Review”


As you come in my arms,I am mesmerized by your charms,my little wonder,I see you ponder,before you cuddle! As I sing the Tamil songs,your mil nails pierce long!the cervicals resonate,the seven sounds,as your eyelids cuddle under my neck! As you count with your tiny fingers,I see the rhythm matches,my pats on your shoulder,and the cuddlesContinue reading “Cuddles”

No man’s land!

In the no man’s land,I am born!whining and complaining,is not the norm! Ashes are older,fires are bolder!Its a do or die,the sky is colder! It gets dawn and dusk,the flowers bloom and wither,but life is a stagnant water,for its the no man’s land! No word, no sound,No love, no move,No stars in the sky,No babiesContinue reading “No man’s land!”

Travel is never a matter of money but of courage.

Paulo Coelho

Travel makes me perfect! Travel treats the senses!

Travelling inwards to the soul or travelling outwards to the world around, travel is life!

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I am new to blogging. Just posting here all that I want to share with people for shared happiness multiplies. Photos taken with mobile camera and some beautiful memories are all that I have.

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