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Silence in Ecosystem

As we walk into natural spaces like waters or greens, we feel so eternal and peaceful. If we closely observe we will find tiny bees, grasshoppers and even small birds flying away as we walk in. We often forget that it is their habitat and we have entered their ecosystem without asking permission. We enjoyContinue reading “Silence in Ecosystem”

Firewalk is Good!

If there is no sunset,we will not know the value of sunrise.If there is no newmoon,we will not know the value of fullmoon. We remember the happy moments in life as memories,butwe remember the saddest moments in life as achivements.Stormy nights in deep sea for few hours is always remembered,more than a thousand voyages inContinue reading “Firewalk is Good!”

Travel is never a matter of money but of courage.

Paulo Coelho

Travel makes me perfect! Travel treats the senses!

Travelling inwards to the soul or travelling outwards to the world around, travel is life!

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I am new to blogging. Just posting here all that I want to share with people for shared happiness multiplies. Photos taken with mobile camera and some beautiful memories are all that I have.

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