Husband as a mirror

When your husband is your mirror,
Who calls a spade a spade,
Your reflections feather,
Like a peacock in shade!

You enjoy the cooling under the tree,
The branches breeze the heat,
The flowers shower on you,
In a thunder spree!

Rain drenches you in happiness,
No thunderstorm sounds dangerous,
The happy go merry you,
Enjoys every danger joyfully!

From the darkness comes a light,
You never know if fireflies or the sun,
When you see the sun rays,
You realize its dawn!

The reflection of the soul is as big as the sun,
You realize how great a soul you are,
To have attracted the sun towards you,
Together you enlighten the world around!

Mirrors speak in silence,
Two mirrors looking at each other,
Create infinite reflections,
Convergence overruled!

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