Life Speaks!

Life speaks to us, as we hear in silence,
The voice so calm and composed,
Keeps us of the mundane violence!

The voice so enchanting and alluring,
Speaks the unknown truths,
Enthralling thoughts,
Depicting the commotions!

The future is safe, the present is perfect,
The days have gone, the footsteps imprinted.
The lights behind fade away,
Awaiting the new lights ahead.

Winning and losing is sportsmanship,
Giving and taking is relationship,
liking and parting is human nature,
changes are unchangeable in gods earth.

Digging the inner self and maneuvering life,
The life speaks more n more…
Stories n tales, some fairy tales,
The other roller coaster rides.

Walk the walk, talk the talk,
See the scene, hear the sounds,
Rest the rest, play the play,
Go by the sail, life speaks !

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