Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

The movie opens up with a pregnant mother and her dog on a foggy morning of Kodaikanal. The film is all about the sentiments of Mother and her determination to save her Child. But the film lacks intelligence and the simple instincts of a real mother. Keerthi Suresh could have pulled it better. The frames of each scene and the ambience of the hill station is nice. The Charle Chaplin uncle is the antagonist. But when we find him the story becomes a clumsy unwanted narration. Feels like they need not have told us who the Charle Chaplin is. The police or the family members don’t have any role to play. It’s only the pregnant mother doing her play in the entire movie. All together it’s a masala mix of all the thriller movies we have seen before, told without any thrill.

Bottomline: I finished my dishwashing chore and came back after 30 mins and I could still follow the movie. You can guess every scene as it’s only Keerthi Suresh who moves around confused and disturbed always. And the only thrill in the movie is that she is pregnant and your heart worries that she may have a miscarriage. One time watch if you have a lot of free time!

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