Vedanthangal from Chennai visit with just Rs.200!

Birds humming, talking, mating, flocking together, gliding in the air!… That’s Vedanthangal. The birds paradise!

Once you step into the place, the bird sounds will occupy your ears, the flocks of birds sitting together will fill your eyes and you will want to be silent saint praising the cosmos. That’s what Vedanthangal was to my soul! I am sure you will enjoy too!

Keep counting the birds 🙂 so much to see!

All you need to reach this nature paradise is just a day free time and some Rs.200 bucks to visit Vedanthangal from Chennai.

There are plenty of trains running from Beach station to Chengalpattu. You can get a to and fro ticket at Rs.20. Chengalpattu station is beautiful indeed! Just see below:

From Chengalpattu station there are plenty of buses to Vedanthangal. Travel distance about 25 km. Bus ticket costed me Rs.17.

The birds paradise entrance ticket is Rs.10, mobile camera fee Rs.50. Once you take your tickets and climb the stairs its heaven waiting! As you walk through the footpath do not forget to climb on the watchtower and have a view from the telescope. There are about 7 Telescopes and fee is Rs.20. The birds I could see are grey pelican, open-billed stork, painted stork,large egret and the kingfisher. I loved the colorful kingfishers.

Some birds captured with my mobile camera:

A heron
Snake bird
Painted stork
Bats hanging, the black dots.

After seeing all this I also managed to have a tender coconut for Rs.50. You need to carry water and food from home. There are snack shops around, but then will not fit in the budget of Rs.200 🙂 I carried some lemon rice. There are lots of benches to sit and eat. Believe me, the food tasted exotic in the pollution free, noise free environment. Enjoyed birds love time!

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