Good NewwZ!


Movie Rating

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

The story revolves around two couples trying for IVF and the sperms are interchanged by mistake at the hospital. They are informed within a few days about the mistake and the only option to get away would be abortion. Both ladies have a very different personality. Kareena plays a confident working woman. Kiara plays an innocent god believing houswife. Despite the contrast both prefer to take same decision. That’s where the story begins 🙂

The movie has the best comedy timings, fun fullest! All actors have pulled it so well that the moment there is close up shot on their faces you get tempted to laugh 🙂 The movie covers all aspects of married couple trying for a child in a fun filled positive memorable way! What touched me most is the intimacy of the couples during the tough twists. Drama banged well. There is Good Newwz up to the END!

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