Murdeshwar Beach View

Murdeshwar is a coastal town in Karnataka. The place has fishermen community settlements. There are very affordable lodges with beach view. You can get descent rooms for Rs.900 per day as well. The beach is very beautiful and calling. Its fun to have hours of play time in the Murdeshwar beach.

The Murdeshwar temple is situated in the Peninsula region with a very tall Lord Shiva Statue surrounded by sea on the three sides. The Temple tower stands tall with 18 stories. The moment we reach the town of Murdeshwar, the view of the temple keeps us awestruck with thoughts! Mind goes ringing curious about how the temple will look in the inside, how the temple is built almost inside the sea, on the Peninsula. Because with the temple compound, the piece of land ends 🙂 it’s like perfect icing on the cake. Yes! Because as I walked into the temple I understood that the temple has strengthened the Peninsula with its strong built structures. Right from the flooring to the roof the temple looks so brilliant. The sea wind soothes the mood! The chants brings in the Rhythm. You walk looking around admiring every space from where the wind blows.

The Murdeshwar Temple Tower at the entrance has 18 floors. Surprisingly it has a lift. You can reach the 18th floor and have a superb top view with a ticket at Rs.10. Many people crowd to get on the lift. If there is no crowd, your luck! But it’s worth the wait to see the top view. The top floor has windows in all the four directions.  The top view of the Lord Shiva statue is beautiful with the blue sea behind. The fishing boats looks like paper boats from the top. The white tides wash the clutters in the heart. We completed our Murdeshwar trip and started from there as happy souls with lots of memories.

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