Kutralam Aruvi – The waterfalls of TamilNadu


We visited Kutralam in the month of September on a night around 9PM. To our luck the falls were open to public for bathing. The previous day the place was flooded, and so public were not allowed to take bath in the falls. The dark night and ice cold water was adventure in itself. The Aindhuaruvi (Five falls) is where we jumped in first. The water was pure and chill, hitting our heads like hailstone. But soon we started enjoying the Nature massage. After few minutes of bathing we got used to the water temperature and we started feeling the waters to be warm. They have separate space for men and women dividing the water falls. They also have separate changing rooms. There are also shops selling towels and casual clothes all night. There was also tea shops and we got hot Bajjis to eat at night around 11pm.

Main Falls

From there we headed to Peraruvi (Main falls). There is a temple of lord Shiva Kuttralanathar serenely situated near the water falls. The temple was closed but I liked the architecture of the temple without lights and glow silent at night from outside. I meditated at heart for a while and headed to the water falls. On the footway there are a lot of shops open at night. We got some steaming banana chips on the way. This falls was an altogether different experience.

Old falls

Then we visited the Old Kutralam falls. This was beautiful like a picturesque waterfalls. Here water pours heavier. All these falls have medicinal properties and said to heal all health issues. The water comes flowing through medicinal plants which collectively gives healing like a natural spa. After this visit I feel Kutralam is at its best to visit at night as it’s less crowded and we can avoid the bright sunlight. It was drizzling throughout every five minutes, rain never stopped.  It was all water and water and, fun and freshness! The aura around was amazing. Not to be missed is the Border Parota shop where you get authentic Parota and side dishes which is a yummy treat after long hours of shivering water bath. We ate it to complete the trip! Honestly the trip gave us good health and freshness for next few days to remember.

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