Mother’s silence

A mother’s silence
Is as soft as the feather,
As sweet as the nightingale,
As true as soul’s voice.

The flares of fire,
The lighthouse in dark sea,
Blooming flowers in night,
Are all mother’s love themes.

When someone says,
You are doing well!
When intuition smells,
There is hidden danger,
It’s mother in the air around,
For the breath and body is all hers!

If you lost luck,
And the brain stops thinking,
The world is against you,
All the weapons and knowledge,
Buried underground,
Still there is an angel to comfort you,
With words of silence and Mona Lisa smile!

The unconditional love,
Comes from mother in childhood,
Then from mother’s thoughts,
Afterwards from soul within,
Making life complete!

Eternal bliss,
Is feeling mother’s love,
For all the souls around!
The empathy and compassion,
Keeps humanity alive,
In mother’s silence!

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