Unconditional LOVE

There she waits for me near the window,
Her eyes searching for me quarter of an hour.
My tiny figure appears approaching home,
And she is triumphant of spotting her golden deer.

Her happiness is that elixir never getting empty,
And gets refilled as she feeds me food,
Carefully examining every bite for my liking.
My dislikes are her memory charts!

As we sleep together,
It’s the soft cotton Saree,
That’s my blanket and hers too,
So soothing, fragrant and precious!

Precious I say for no shop,
No luxury store has a cloth,
So aromatic and baby feather like,
You cuddle inside and feel so safe!

Evenings are grandma’s story time,
She tells about the family tree,
The rhyme of two rats getting married,
With the help of one, two, three, four rats.

And when she is finished,
I pester her for more stories,
She would tell her own stories.
All I do is ask “then what happened”!

My curiosity never dies,
Until she gets some tears,
Which her Saree ends wipe,
Before my smile fades!

And there I go,
Giving her a big teddy bear hug,
And ensuring her that I will take care,
That I am there for her all her life!

Promises are emotional overflow of thoughts,
The figure has submerged in water,
Years have run in calendar,
Now I try to secure the remains of what she left behind!

I realize the importance of inculcating values!
Children are made my parents,
And strengthened by grandparents dreams,
That which stands out weighing the techie brains.

More that teachings,
A life lived by example,
Is like the pied piper,
That drags children to right action.

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