COVID and the Warriors

In the battle field,
The most experience soldiers,
Always go behind the Frontline!

The Front runners in the battalion,
Will be the Newcomers,
Leading the war for their nation in Pride!

They don’t know blood or fear of death,
Nor do they shiver thinking of getting captured by enemies,
They don’t know how their mother will suffer on a bad news!

It’s only the cheers of people echoing,
They want to make their parents proud,
They are the Brave and fresh blood!

Here our COVID warrior,
Dresses in special suite reluctantly,
Thinking of family and life!

They are not the front runners,
For they have seen it all,
Respiratory failure and fatal deaths!

Coming to war is not their choice,
But god has chosen them for the work,
Now they are in the war to save god’s creation!

The human race has survived for ages,
The COVID warriors are our angels,
As they step into the hospital they are the healers!

They remember nothing but medicines,
Patient oxygen saturation and pulse,
Fighting till last breath of the patient and bringing them back to life!

In between when they eat food,
Step out of hazmat suite,
The fear of the virus entering into their body haunts them!

They are used to seeing death and infectious diseases,
Saved lives of many even before!
This time it is the COVID pandemic, the spread is alarming!

It’s every individual’s war now,
We are in the battle ground,
It’s our choice to be the front runner or the experienced soldier!

Wear the protective gears,
Maintain hygiene and social distancing,
Fight COVID along with the Medicos and believe we too can save lives,
Like the squirrel that helped Rama in building the bridge to Lanka,
We will fight the COVID WAR with guidance of our experienced Doctors!

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