There she is!
Prioritizing every task with her brains,
Even the computer works on algorithms,
First in first out or a quick sort.

Her brain needs no Mathematics,
Just her love and wholehearted attention,
Makes every task run,
Everything falls in place!

She can write an assignment and cook food,
Receive a Post at the door and count cooker whistle,
Attend office meeting and take care of the sick at home,
Drive a vehicle, drop and pick things like,
A goat and tiger game. Her goats and tigers win.

She can coach children and run a washing machine,
Read a book and save her child falling from table,
Drink coffee and finish a project before deadline.
Console a friend while making pancakes in the kitchen,
Remove stain in dress or shoe within two minutes in the morning rush.

She may have a back pain,
But as she is a multi-specialty doctor,
I say so as she can combine,
Allopathy, homeopathy, naturopathy,
Zumba, yoga, and grandma medicine all for recovery!

She replies to your interview while,
There can be a volcano in her mind regarding a personal issue.
She is a perfect event organizer,
While suppressing all the imperfections on spot,
Under her big smile and presence of mind.

Her common sense and intuition,
Gives her all the future predictions,
That no astrology, numerology,
Can ever contradict! Listen to her command!
Otherwise you are taking big risk!

I don’t say this, but this is what history says,
Never ignore a woman’s warnings!
If you are intelligent,
work through and play safe after her prediction.

How she does all this?
Her eyes, nose, ears, hands and mouth,
Coordinating so perfectly with her heart.
Her brain just gives required information,
Now and then. She is a heart ruler!

If she has given you her heart,
You are in safe heaven.
Until her last breath she works tirelessly,
To keep you happy and wise!
She is the sun, the moon and all the stars combined!

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