Chocolate Festival at Turin

It was a Sunday in November and I was walking to see the Palaces in Turin. I walked through Via Roma and as I reached Piazza San Carlo, it was a big surprise. I was in a land of chocolates and chocolates everywhere. As I stepped forward I saw piles and piles of chocolates around. I have never seen so much of chocolates at any place in my lifetime! The air had the aroma of Cocoa beans, milk chocolates and sugar syrups. Instead of feeling tempted to eat the chocolates, I was feeling like I was inside a chocolate home. Chocolates were piled up to my height. I was very happy that I visited Piazza San Carlo that Sunday.

Turin is in Piedmont region which is very famous for chocolates. There are many chocolate factories located in the region. The chocolates made with finely ground hazelnuts called the Gianduiotti is the ultimate treat for chocolate lovers! Once you eat them the taste lingers in the tongue.

In this chocolate festival the chocolate makers around Piedmont region present the chocolate varieties they make and give people samples to eat. The vendors were selling their chocolates for publicity. They were explaining about the ingredients and details about the chocolates to visitors. As I was looking at the chocolates and prices in the Festival, I wanted to buy a lot of them for my friends. They give chocolates in paper cover and I didn’t have a bag to carry. I rushed back to my room and picked a bag. At the hotel reception I asked for suggestion about what chocolates are the best. I was told I should try the Cannolo and the Gianduiotto. I noted the names and rushed to the chocolate Heaven.

The Cannoli are in the lower tray

Wow! I had never seen a Rocher of this size. It was bigger than my hands to hold. I munched some of them. Then I bought some Cannoli. It was the tastiest and softest of all the chocolates. I also picked some Cannoli for my Hotel friend who suggested me this nice delicacy. I bought chocolates until my bag and mouth was full.

Mole Antonelliana Chocolates

They had chocolates in the shape of The Mole Antonelliana. Chocolates were shaped like spoons, fruits, vegetables, plates, cups and what not. That’s why I said it was a chocolate home. There were jellies, chocolate syrups and chocolate bars. The chocolate bars were priced 3 to 5 Euros per ETTO (100 GMs). My lunch for that Sunday was chocolates. The festival was too crowded. I could capture only few photos clearly. The chocolate shops were overflowing with crowd. I also went to Venchi in Porta Nuova station and picked some more chocolates before I left from Turin. At Venchi you get assorted chocolates and the Gianduiotti, yummy hazelnuts! Have a glimpse of the chocolate Festival in the pictures below.

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