Palazzo Madama, Turin

Piazza Castello is the famous square in Turin, Italy that houses the Palazzo Reale and Palazzo Madama. The palaces of the king and the queen by name respectively. Palazzo in Italy means “Palace”. I was very curious to see the queen’s palace from the time I heard they are both must visit places in Turin. The reason is, I have seen many Palaces of the Kings. There dresses, armor and swords will be in display. The walls usually will have inscriptions about the battles they won. I wanted to know what was there in a queen’s palace.

My curiosity dragged me to the Palazzo Madama first instead of the Palazzo Reale. The Palazzo Madama has a Beautiful fountain and a handsome man’s statue in the front. It is Statue depicting a Defiant with flag and sword that was erected by the exiles of Milan against the Sardinian troops during the Italian war for Independence against Austrian Emperor in 1857. At the foot of the palace there is a colorful flower garden beautiful to take pictures. The Palazzo Madama is built in the renaissance architecture style and later the building was renovated to the Baroque architecture style by architect Fillipo Juvarra in the 17th Century. He is also the architect of The Stupinigi Palace at the outskirts of Turin. Because of the Baroque style the palace looks very attractive from outside. The high ceiled Piano Nobile projecting from the Centre gives a modern unique look to the palace.  The base and the backside of the building is still in Renaissance style. The beautiful flower garden at the front covers the brick pillars at the bottom of the building. The famous double staircase which was copied by rest of the world later welcomes us in the Palace. But sometimes the staircase is closed for visitors.

The Palazzo Madama houses the Ancient arts museum of Turin. There are around 70,000 articles in display in four floors. The entrance fee is 10 Euros. The basement has the mosaic and other medieval articles for display. Just as we move outside the glass door, there is a beautiful private garden. The renaissance architecture is visible at the backside. It looks brown and beautiful with the colourful green garden.

There is lift to move to the next floors. At the ground floor there are the church doors, Jesus and Mary paintings, the cross and candles used in renaissance age for display.

At the first floor there is all the hidden treasures of the queen. The palace was built by the Savoy. Regent Marie Jeanne of Savoy renovated the palace. The painting was done by famous painter Domenico Guidobono. The three Guidobono halls are the Madama Reale’s Chamber, the Chinese Cabinet, and the Southern Veranda.  Visiting Palazzo Madama made me feel like a queen for some hours. The Chinese cabinet with the red and golden finish was a very radiant hall.

Next came the Madama Reale’s Chamber which was all golden from the doors to the room corners. I felt the room edges are like an ornament. The blue and golden room spoke about the lifestyle of the Royals. It was richness everywhere. The intricate designs and carvings are mesmerizing.

The Varanda Sud is a beautiful place with mirrors, glasses and Chandelier. This place has a coffee house. It’s so royal to sit there and have a coffee seeing the Piazza Castello. It’s a Queen’s moment.  

The Planetary structure is built with wood and ivory in the 18th Century. The planets and sun in the solar system are represented by pearls. This was used for educational purpose to explain physics and astronomy.

There are the jewelry, spoons and ornaments used by the Royals for display.  

The white hall was so divine with high ceiling and carved angels on top. The place felt so safe and peaceful.

The second floor has porcelain articles for display. There are also the statues. One rare statue is the sacrifice of Isaac. Abraham is seen raising his sword over his son Isaac on god’s order. The angels fly to save him. What I liked about this statue is the balancing of weight between the structures.

The third floor gives a complete city view. I could spot Mole Antonelliana from the top. After visiting the top I came out of the palace still thinking of the queen’s chamber.

Queen’s chamber

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