Baby steps to freedom

Born out of mother’s womb,
Thy soul knew no bomb!
A baby with twinkling eyes,
Seeing the people around so nice!

Knowing no language,
I am feeling hungry cries,
Brings mom and dad,
Feeding milk and cradle sways!

I want to catch the cake in hand,
And eat like my brother the viand!
Tiny hands cannot hold,
Crumbs in bed and mom will scold!

I want to walk to the table,
In the next room!
My legs are feeble,
I still crawl to my success boom!

I want to fly like the crow,
With the angel wings at my back!
As I raise my brow,
I am pulled by gravity hack!

Everything in this world is controlled,
Freedom comes with force!
We decide the radius and distance,
Pull or push is inevitable in the world circle!

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