UYARE Movie Review

Starring : Parvathy, Asif Ali and Tovino Thomas
Genre : Drama
Language : Malayalam
Time : 1 hr 58 mins
Streaming: Netflix


Rating: 5 out of 5.

UYARE means flying high. Pallavi Raveendran (Parvathy) is in the cockpit of a flight due for emergency landing. Prathap Pothan, the chief officer Air traffic control at Chennai airport is responsible for the flight’s emergency landing who wants to know about Pallavi.  The movie opens up there about the school girl who dreams of flying high. Till the end of the movie we feel the turbulence if Pallavi could fly or not. The BGM UYARE UYARE till the end makes us fly high along with Pallavi. I bet this is not a women centric movie, but movie of a woman who earns to be the centre of many people’s dream by merit. The characters have played their part perfectly. The screenplay is perfect keeping us in anticipation till the end. The makeup is perfect. Parvathy has pulled it very well till the end.


The plot starts with a school girl Pallavi Raveendran, an NCC cadet travelling to Delhi along with her schoolmates and teacher in an aircraft. They are welcomed by a lady Captain in the flight. Pallavi raises voice if she can see the cockpit. After the flight lands in Delhi the Captain shows her the cockpit. That sets the dream of the school girl who comes home and studies all about flying online. Her interest for flying develops. Her father realizes her dream by sending her to a flying school at Mumbai. By that time she is in a college already doing her second year degree and has a boyfriend Govind (Asif Ali) from school times. Govind seems an introvert, possessive guy who is always sad and feels failure. Pallavi reveals about Govind to her father when she has to leave for the flying school. Pallavi’s father meets Govind and is surprised how his daughter liked him. He asks Govind to give space for each other’s career as they are too young to marry.  

When Pallavi’s father asks why she likes this guy she reveals an incident in school days when she urinated in a school camp because she was extremely sad after her mother’s loss. The school students ridiculed her, but Govind who was two years elder to her came to her and comforted her.  They are friends from then and she tells her father that she will not leave him even if he is jobless.  She comforts Govind every time he feels insecure about their relationship reassuring him that he means a lot to her.

Pallavi moves to her sister’s apartment before leaving for Mumbai. There during dinner they watch TV in which Vishal Rajashekaran (Tovino Thomas), son of an airlines owner inaugurates dance school in Chennai. Pallavi comments on him to her sister about his funny weird interests. Pallavi moves to the flying school at Mumbai and does really well with all her lessons. There she meets Sariya, the daughter of the flight Captain whom she met at young age. They become good friends. Even she does not approve of Pallavi’s relationship with Govind. She advises that relationship is just a part of life and there is so much more to achieve and enjoy, and that Govind is occupying all her lifetime. During a campus interview for seniors in flying school Pallavi is the organizer. There she meets Vishal Rajashekaran in their girl’s restroom. He gets confused as BLA and BLABLABLA is written in the doors. She explains BLA is for boys and BLABLABLA is for girls as they speak more. He enquires to her about smoking zone. Then she leads him to a free space and they have a short funny conversation as she hides her identity of a pilot trainee and he mistakes her to be interview organizer from Jadugar agency.

Govind makes repeated calls to Pallavi during classroom time and she is sent out of the class for messaging in class. She comes out and calls Govind and he sends her picture of his bleeding hands. She comes to see Govind in panic. Back at Mumbai, after she finishes her 200 hrs of flying lessons and manages safe flying, her classmates take her out for a dinner. Govind calls her that night. She manages saying she is asleep in room. But she has no problem when her father calls, she tells her father that she is in dinner with her friends and they will drop her home by car. As they reach home after that party Pallavi is surprised to see Govind outside her apartment in Mumbai. Govind abuses pallavi of adultery in front of her friends. Pallavi who is totally broke puts an end to their relationship saying she can’t be afraid of Govind anymore and she needs breathing space.

Govind who always blackmails her of committing suicide repeats the same saying sorry. Pallavi neglects him and as she moves out of her apartment in Scooty he pours acid on her face. Pallavi’s father files case on Govind. Half of Pallavi’s face is burnt. She loses her flying license due to lack of fitness for eyesight. Throughout the film Govind does not admit his crime in court and even offers to marry Pallavi which is very irritating. Her friend Sariya supports her throughout her tough times at the hospital. She also calls her to Delhi and makes her meet the other acid attack victims at Sheroes Hangout café. On her flight back home from Delhi Vishal recognizes her and starts a conversation with her only to be snapped back by her acid attacked face as a news. He enquires if he can do anything for her. She says she wants to work in the flight. He asks as airhostess, then she reveals she is a pilot with 200 hrs of flying time. Vishal decides to make her airhostess in his airlines and makes a public announcement in media. His father and company board members oppose him and also Pallavi snaps at him for using her for publicity. Then when Pallavi’s father insists her to give a try as she always wanted to fly, she agrees to be airhostess. She comes out very successful in her new career. Vishal proposes her on his birthday, which she refuses saying she needs only good friends in life at this time. Then Govind enters her life again by being a passenger in the flight she hosts. Not able to tolerate him she spills water on his face. He gives a complaint and Pallavi is asked to apologize or leave the job as per policy. She chooses to quit the job after the notice period of one month. Pallavi’s father beats Govind on the road for crossing in his daughter’s life again.

At the end Govind is likely to get 5 years of imprisonment for sure. He meets with accident intentionally and is in critical condition. Pallavi’s father conveys her this message and she breaths peace. The Captain in Pallavi’s flight falls sick. The co-pilot is inexperienced. The Air traffic control officer enquires if there is any doctor in the flight to attend to the Captain. Then he asks if there are any pilots in the flight. Pallavi hears this and takes captain’s seat in the cockpit. The air traffic control officer Prathap Pothen and Vishal’s father are giving pressure to Vishal to ask Pallavi to move out of the cockpit as she is not having fitness. Vishal speaks to Pallavi, but contrarily asks her to save his flight, reputation and says that he trusts her. Pallavi manages the emergency landing of the flight safely after some breath taking moments. The passengers and the flight land safe. Pallavi is very much appreciated on her last working day as airhostess by applause from passengers in her last fly.

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