Movie review: Shakuntala Devi

Language : Hindi
Starring : Vidhya Balan, Jesshu Sengupta, Sanya Malhotra
Genre : Biography Drama
Release date : 31st July, 2020
Streaming : Amazon Prime


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Shakuntala Devi movie is biography of the mathematics genius through the eyes of her daughter Anu. Shakuntala Devi’s relationship with her daughter is the core of the film. Vidhya Balan fits the character so well. Right from young age to the aged mother she fits the frames perfectly. Her face communicates all. The movie takes us through posh houses and beautiful spaces all through. That’s how Shakuntala Devi has lived. Sanya has played the daughter role well. Also Jisshu Sengupta looks perfectly handsome playing husband of Shakuntala.

The movie is a smooth travel with the Awes adding up from the Genius’s challenges, achievements and world records. Though called a Human computer, she has wanted to be more human.  The way the story is constructed with the mother and the daughter as the protagonist and antagonist is brilliant.  But the story could have gone deep into Shakuntala’s emotions as well. Sad to see such a big genius was a loner all her life. The Cinematography is so fresh and enlightening. Keiko Nakahara, Japanese Choreographer has done the magic. The sunrays penetrates the lens from all ends. Paheli song is humming in the ears. Shreya Ghoshal is sweet as ever.  Director Anu menon seems to have done justice to the portrayal of Shakuntala Devi. But with this movie the high feel of the Maths genius is brought down. All the richness and the intelligence makes her fail in personal life is a tragedy. After watching the movie the inquisitiveness for knowing more about Shakuntala Devi grows. The film covers very little details about her as an author, astrologer and politician.  

If you love Shakuntala Devi puzzles book and love her Maths genius then don’t watch this movie. If you want to know about personal life of Shakuntala Devi then this movie gives a perfect peep through the life till the end.

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