Movie Review: Qarib Qarib Singlle

Language : Hindi
Starring : Parvathy Thiruvothu, Irrfan Khan
Genre : Romance, Comedy
Release date : 2017
Streaming : Netflix


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Qarib Qarib Singlle meaning “singles near near” is a movie about Jaya and Viyogi who meet in a dating website. Jaya is widower for many years, an independent woman staying alone in an apartment. She has lot of friends who pull her to do errands from taking their kids for shopping, planning party and leaving their pet animals with her. She has sleeping pills every night without which she can’t sleep. She has her own car and a good job. When her friend at office comprehends her saying these kids of your friends will grow up one day and get married, the pet cat will die in maximum 3 years and what will you do after that. When she asks why not she go on a date, Jaya says she wants a person with commitments. She is still hanging on with memories of her husband Manav. One night out of the blue she makes a fake profile in “Ab tak Singlle” a dating website and many guys express interest. But Viyogi has a very respectable approach and has a profile as a chemical engineer.

              The beauty of the movie is till the end there is no clarity on what job Viyogi is doing. It’s made obvious that he has a lot of money because he owns a Benz. But the character respects women. He is very quirky at appearance but true from heart. He writes Hindi poetries. He is a single with 3 ex-girlfriends. He assumes they will be missing him very much and crying for him in their life. Jaya contradicts his opinion and they both set out on a ten day trip to meet his ex-girlfriends.

              The fact that is brought out in the movie is singles cannot have companions so easily because they are habituated to be singleton. Jaya does not share her water bottle with Viyogi. Viyogi cannot give away the cutter his second girlfriend presented and he misses a flight for it. Jaya cannot forget her husband Manav and Viyogi keeps remembering his 3 ex-girlfriends. Viyogi misses a train for buying Pakores to give to Jaya.

Single Viyogi is scared of ghosts and sleeps with lights on at night and Single Jaya sleeps with sleeping pills. The dating rules to meet a stranger in a restaurant or a public place and delete the account once you get a partner in well put.

              Viyogi enters the winch Jaya travels in Gangtok at the end without missing and Jaya shares water bottle of Viyogi making happy ending of the story.  

Hope the singles take inspiration from the movie and strike Tinder or Bumble to find a match in late ages rather than being singleton always and shedding tears.  God knows a Viyogi or Jaya looking for a serious relationship is waiting somewhere. It’s more about the cautious decision making brains than the beauty. Thanks to the director Tanuja Chandra for bringing the average looking Jaya and Viyogi together and as days go by their looks improvise and become beautiful and healthier. The director is daughter of Kamna Chandra who writes plays for AIR and has written stories for Hindi movies like “Kareeb” and “1942 A love story”.

Overall the movie has a good story, nice acting and nice locations. The screenplay could have been better. Parvathy could have been off her bed and more active many times. A onetime watch movie especially if you are an eligible single.

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