Palaces of Genova

After my Aquarium visit in Genova I still had time for my return train. The rain stopped. I planned to visit Palazzo Bianco (The White Palace) and Palazzo Rosso (The Red Palace) in Strada Nuova (New Street) as they are at walkable distance from the aquarium. As the streets are curvy the map didn’t help much, so again I used the old method of enquiring to the passersby about the route. The street where the palaces are located looks rich and colourful. I quickly bought the entrance tickets for Palazzo Bianco and Palazzo Rosso.

I first visited Palazzo Bianco, the White palace. It was a white beauty mainly because of the black contrasts all across decorated from floor to ceiling. The Place had many beautiful painting all matching the white tinge. Many paintings looked very divine as if they were trying to talk to us. Especially the mother and child portraits were awesome. The place was not at all crowded. I was the only person going around the rooms most of the time. I spent some peaceful minutes inside the palace admiring the marble sculptures, artworks and taking selfies.

Next I visited Palazzo Rosso, the Red palace. This was brilliantly red with all the four walls painted red. But the most eye catching look is the front elevation of the palace. I had already checked the front looks of the palace before the trip which attracted me to visit the palace atleast from outside. Now I had all the time to walk through all the floors of the palace. Here too there are beautiful paintings and artworks. It’s nice to walk around and feel the ambience of the 16th century monument. It is also listed in UNESCO world heritage sites.

The Via Garibaldi, the street hosting the palaces is nice to walk on with the view of the terrace gardens and scintillating Palaces. From there it’s a straight one road walk to the Genova Piazza Principe railway station. The palace visits took hardly an hour. I reached the railway station on time and found the machine to punch my train ticket at the basement. Here I was at the platform waiting for the train, feeling contented that I made up the trip despite the heavy rains. Still with wet shoes and socks about which I forgot for many hours. The train journey back to Turin was accomplishing.

Plazzo Rosso at the centre

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