Astrology: Bhrigu Bindu

Bhrigu Maharishi

The planets in the solar System that revolve around us and keep touching us with their rays every moment gives us science of Astrology. Bhrigu is the sage among Saptharishis who gave Astrology to people according to Hinduism. Bhrigu lake and Bhrigu ashrams exist in many places in Indian Territory. His purpose of making Astrology was to save people from draining their energy and channelizing it in the right direction by giving hints about future. Knowing the future is beyond human limitation. Astrology keeps up this limitation by not revealing the whole picture about Future.  

              To know our personality if you are checking the Sun sign or Moon sign or Lagna sign… Its kind of confusing as there are only 12 signs. We see we belong to one fourth of them. To ward of this confusion, we can find our DESTINY POINT. The “Bhrigu Bindu” tells the destiny point.

              Our entire life revolves around this Sign where the Bhrigu Bindu is placed.

How to calculate Bhrigu Bindu?

Aries sign is starting point in astrology chart. The 12 signs can be divided into 30 degrees each out of 360 degrees.

  1. Find the angle of Moon starting from Aries Sign in your birth Chart.
  2. Find the angle of Rahu starting from Aries Sign in your birth Chart.
  3. Subtract the angle of Rahu from angle of Moon and divide by 2.
  4. Check the result position in the birth chart to find your Destiny point.

Below is example:

I use this website to calculate birth chart:

For example, below is planet position calculation for Birth date 9th March 1995 and birth time 9:00 AM. Place of birth is Mumbai.

  1. The position of Moon from Aries is 51 degrees.
  2. The position of Rahu from Aries is 194 degrees.
  3. The calculation (194 – 51 ) / 2 = 71.5 degrees.

We know 71.5 degree falls between 60 and 90 degrees from above chart created by me.

This person is a strong Gemini who has strong communication skills and very Smart! The destiny point falls in Gemini which defines the personality.

Although the Lagna sign is Aries, Sun sign is Pisces and moon sign is in Taurus for this person, the life feels like Gemini always. This is the epicenter of personality. This doesn’t change with season, age or year after year. Its Destiny point given to us by Sage Bhrigu.

As another example if Rahu and Moon are at the same sign in birth chart. Then Bhrigu bindu is positioned in Aries sign. Then you are a doer, an action oriented person and good deeds will define your life.

Find the destiny age?

This Destiny point defines a destiny age, at this age life is redefined.

For example, if we live a life span on 70 years on an average. We can divide our life into 12 parts. Approximately 5 years we spend in each sign starting from Ascendant or Lagna.

For example, if a person has aries ascendant with above chart as reference, he spends in Aries first 1 to 5 years, spends in Taurus 6 to 10 year and spends 11 to 15 years in Gemini.

The beauty is this person will meet his destiny between 11 to 15 years. Or more accurately,

End position of Gemini 90 degree and Bhrigu bindu is 71.5 degree, then 90 – 71.5 = 18.5 degrees.

30 degree divided by 5 years as life span for each of the twelve Signs, gives 6.

18.5 / 6 gives 3. Then destiny year starting 11 + 3 gives 14 years of age.

At 13 to 14 years of age a major awakening will occur. His future life will get defined at this point and whatever the person does later in life will revolve around this awakening.

Astrology is not about accuracy but about the awareness of universe and where we are positioned in it. Sage Bhrigu helps us in finding that central point between Birth and Karma. Moon signifies Birth and Rahu signifies Karma. But the truth is what we learn in self-awareness, the Knowledge is what breaks this birth and karma Cycle. For the common man Bhrigu bindu defines his life. This does not apply to the Sages in awareness.

       The aim of this blog is to make astrology simple for the common man as desired by Sage Bhrigu. Thank you for reading!

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