I am still alive!

Poetry written 10 years back

Passing clouds pass,
Thunder storms blast,
Caterpillars scroll,
Oh! I can feel the hundred legs!
I am alive!

Bus on the road,
Trees and shops move on beside,
The bus horns roar,
Oh! I can hear the sounds!
I am alive!

Walking on the pedestrian,
I see so many people chat,
The dogs race around,
The storybook selling small girl says
“sister buy my books”
Oh! She speaks to me!
I am alive!

Riding the scooty,
changing lanes on a straight road,
the signal shows red, making me halt.
A baby in a car smiles at me, I wave at her,
Oh! I am alive!

Off the machines,
Off the grudges,
Off the snarls,
Off the witty n wise,
Ya ! I am alive on these moments!

Touching hearts,
Spreading smiles,
And say all is well!
And see it works!!!!

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