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As you come in my arms,
I am mesmerized by your charms,
my little wonder,
I see you ponder,
before you cuddle!

As I sing the Tamil songs,
your mil nails pierce long!
the cervicals resonate,
the seven sounds,
as your eyelids cuddle under my neck!

As you count with your tiny fingers,
I see the rhythm matches,
my pats on your shoulder,
and the cuddles get warmer,
forgetting the world around us!

You are granny’s delight,
and grandpa’s twilight!
Far away at the horizon,
I see you as the sun,
meeting the sky and the sea!

The warmth you spread around us,
snugs us with your smiling face,
all night and day!
Its your cuddles that we long for,
No moon no star is as warm as you!

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