Mimi : Movie Review


Rating: 2 out of 5.

The movie has a message that motherhood is not for the weak but for the brave women! The film is a comedy drama. Kriti Sanon looks awesome in the dance sequence. All the artists have performed their part well. But the storyline looks loosely coupled. The depth is missing and logic missing in many places.

Why this movie review?! I watched this movie in Jio Cinema, also available in Netflix. The core story is based on a Marathi film “Mala Aai Vhhaychy!” meaning “I want to be a Mother”. This Marathi movie is directed by Samruddhi Porey, who is an award-winning female director, producer, actor and interestingly she is also a lawyer by profession. The Story is based on a real legal case before 2010. This movie is her debut film and the female lead Urmilla Kanetkar rocks portraying motherhood to perfection. Movie is available in youtube and I watched it. The emotions outperform the language barrier.

In India the Surrogacy bill 2020 says foreign couples are prohibited from getting surrogate mothers in India. Surrogacy insurance is also mandate now in India to protect surrogate mother’s health. The movie largely misleads Indian women to forgo abortion when the child is diagnosed sick. Celebrating motherhood cannot make a career-oriented woman handicapped with emotions. Because we know so many Indian women like Mary Kom who chase their dreams with their kids with even more vigour.

The introductory scene of Mimi and Bhanu (Pankaj Tripathi) are flashy and comic. The drama begins when the foreign couple leave the scene. It’s a hiccup drama I should say except the beautiful white baby that is born with green eyes. The baby is a delight to watch. But idea perfectly copied from the Marathi Movie. The white angel symbolism and white lady gifting Aeroplane again comes from the Marathi Movie. Despite the legalities and formalities, a single woman raising a child in India, putting baby to school all by herself and staying unmarried all her life feels too much. Especially when there is a divorcee lady and a childless couple available in the same frame who can love the child better. Kriti gaining 15 kg for the film is not at all justified and not at all required. Recently we don’t see any carrying mother getting glutton. Especially a woman aspiring film career can’t overeat.

I give 2 rating for the movie for advocating adoption, but Mimi doing single parenting all the way is not justified. One beautiful part I like is Bhanu explaining to the American couple about Kriti’s bravery, and that suicide is not a solution. Lastly, we should accept not good-looking babies also as every baby is beautiful in its own way. The emotional trauma of Surrogate mothers is a big miss. Because Mimi seems perfectly happy with the surrogate baby! Drama well played!

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