Rating: 4 out of 5.

Cast : Nayantara, Ajmal, Saran Sakthi

Streaming: Disney Hotstar

Language: Tamil

The film is a remake of the south Korean Movie “Blind” which is also available in Youtube. The story of the film has all elements of heroine centric film. Nayanthara has given a blast, super good performance! The heroine introduction is mind-blowing. Her blonde hair colour stripped ponytail and black & white check shirt for a cop look makes us jaw dropping! Lady superstar rocks! This movie is a masterpiece of Nayanthara’s acting performances carved to perfection from costume to expressions.

With very few characters propagating the screenplay the antagonist Ajmal seems best choice though his potential is not utilized fully. His acting scope is very less for such a lengthy film.

The police characters make the comedy part, but screenplay looks very artificial. Saran Sakthi comes in the middle of the film and steels the show. Saran has supported the protagonist perfectly and we can feel the youth and speed during his screen presence. Its Saran’s dialogues that bring us thrill throughout the movie. Nayanthara has nailed it well when she falls on the road while crossing and when she plays the elder sister. The emotions do rock and roll through her big eyes.

If violence was reduced the film would get a clean chit for 5 stars. The “Sudari” song by Sid keeps ringing in the ears. “Idhuvum kadandhu pogum” (meaning: This will also pass away”) is a strong message in the film narrated with an apt story. The support given by a Lady superstar to girl-power emphasizing being alive and safe is more important than being a trustworthy friend says it all. “Do not let people feed on your fears” is the best message that comes from Nayanthara’s personal life rocking the film industry for almost two decades and living a life of her own sans parents or family. Just in the interview before Netrikann movie release she revealed her father is sick for past 13 years and her mother is taking care of him. Her parents don’t know how her day-to-day life is. She deserves an applause both as an actress and as a Lady lioness for living by example.

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