Alleppey : The Venice of India

Alleppey or Alappuzha is located in God’s own country in the backwaters of Kerala. Its houseboats are world famous. The people of Alleppey navigate by boat service to their houses and marketplace. As we move along the backwaters, we can see boat stops all the way just like bus stops. The main source of income in Alleppey is tourism and is one of the famous Honeymoon spots of India. There are also the peace-loving people who come and stay here for a couple of weeks enjoying the calm waters. The city is full of Canals and lagoons. We also walked in the beautiful green farmlands in between the waters. Rice is grown in plenty.  People catch fish in the canals. Rice and fish curry make a tasty lip-smacking daily food for the locals rich in protein and carbohydrates.

We rented a double decker houseboat for a day. This houseboat had four bedrooms, two dining room, Kitchen and living area with Divans to sit at the first floor. The rooms were located at the basement and the windows touched the water level. It feels like floating in the backwaters in a bed. The water splashes the room windows night and day and fills the heart with grace and lustre. The buoyancy of the water pushes the boat gently up against gravity making us float. We sleep like that log of wood afloat. Watching the stars, sky and waters in absolute silence is a bliss.

In the houseboat we had a full-fledged kitchen with modular racks, Refrigerator and grinder. All the facilities required to cook a tasty feast was available in the kitchen. A chef travelled along with us for arranging our meals. It was all chicken, fish and prawns cooked in traditional south Indian style.  

As we travelled in the water canals, the canal banks have fish shops where we purchased fresh fish stopping our boat to add to our menu for the dinner. Fresh fish is always a delight to smell, the aroma fills the cooking space and our taste buds. The fishes mixed with Indian spices especially pepper, cardamom and clove from the spice land Kerala is an unmatchable Feast.

To visit Alleppey, our five senses should be ready to See the beauty of the water and the boats, to Feel the winds, to Hear the local folk music in the canal banks, to Taste fresh fish and spices and to Smell the lustrous greens and the fertile soil. The Aura feels like Paradise on earth. It is indeed!

2 thoughts on “Alleppey : The Venice of India

  1. Whatever you have shared it is so true, as it is giving the perfect picture of the place. The writing is so apt that it is giving me a feeling of being in that place. Thank you for sharing the lovely journey as well as bringing my thoughts back with the same feeling.


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