Firewalk is Good!

If there is no sunset,
we will not know the value of sunrise.
If there is no newmoon,
we will not know the value of fullmoon.

We remember the happy moments in life as memories,but
we remember the saddest moments in life as achivements.
Stormy nights in deep sea for few hours is always remembered,
more than a thousand voyages in plain sea.

A firewalk for a minute,
gives more powerful lessons than a marathon.
The fire injuries in foot show,
body and mind can heal on its own with time,
no matter how grevious the burns are!

Toughest steel gets more lashes,
The vast sea is stolen of its wealth everyday,
The tallest mountain is targeted by all adventerers,
The mango tree gets more stone throw.

People dont budge until the glory is lost!
The steel should brake, the fishes go extinct,
The mountain top is broken, all mangoes are stolen.
That is when nature plays Karma game to evade the destruction.

Those who understand the Karma game can keep smiling all their life,
for no loss no sorrow can bring them grief!
These are the saints or good souls as we call them,
Bliss is the aura they spread, and Time is their bestfriend!

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