Silence in Ecosystem

As we walk into natural spaces like waters or greens, we feel so eternal and peaceful. If we closely observe we will find tiny bees, grasshoppers and even small birds flying away as we walk in. We often forget that it is their habitat and we have entered their ecosystem without asking permission.

We enjoy the wind, the beautiful scenery. But we fail to ask permission to these Nature house owners. Today as I walked into a lakebed, I said hello to each of these tiny souls and waited for them to give me way. I felt they are talking back to me asking “Hey wait, let me move out of way! Don’t stamp me”, “Who is this stranger?”, “Hey look this human has entered our place alert! chhhirpi chirrrpi”, “will she harm us?”.

As I silenced myself and moved slowly inch by inch and told them “I am your friend, don’t be afraid”, they relaxed and moved back to calmness.

Ecosystem is very important to maintain Nature’s beauty to highest standards. Human footsteps and aura should not disturb their peace. I have decided to enter any natural habitat hereafter with prayers and Silence so that I can hear what they speak. The sound of my breath and movements be silent so that I hear them breathing! Nature love!

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