The Greatest Creator

Images taken morning at flower garden

The ageless creators make the world a better place to live in! They live through the lives of others for generations. They are remembered forever and forever in this vast expanse like the ocean, for the lands displace but, oceans remain. The oceans never rest, their waves keep touching landscapes and minds. The oceans expel the dirt and dead and keep within them the precious jewels. The creators are like the ocean, pure at heart and selfless.  The creators are never glorified during their lifetime! They are praised after their lifetime and beyond!

During this pandemic year 2020 is when I realized I have never created anything in this world. I have never grown a tree, stitched clothes or done a project that exists forever. Creating a blog page was the outcome of this thought of creative space, to keep my own creations. I have always admired the creators be it the dedicated mothers, musicians, dancers, artists, philosophist or scientists when they are original. My learning is that every creator’s first creation is best creation! I am the first child at my home. Should be the best creation isn’t it?!

After starting this blog page, I have written a poetry for:

  1.  my grandmother “Unconditional love”
  2. my father “Father’s Day”
  3. my mother “Mother’s silence”
  4. my Nephew “Cuddles”
  5. Husband “Husband as a mirror”
  6. Cousin “You are the muse”

But my greatest creation I feel is what I wrote yesterday about my grandfather “Dreams-Depression-Dawn”, because I feel it will help many people to move from insanity to sanity.

I want to create something that will remain after my lifetime. I am sure everyone would love the idea of being the greatest creator! But the road travelled cannot be smooth. It is the people who take unknown roads, who guide the future generations! Also, a creator’s creations can never be recreated again. Every creation is unique and the best! Because no two people can have same thoughts and actions! When we realize our thoughts and actions are unique is when we start living life to the fullest!

Many creations mesmerize me. I am an admirer! I thank god for giving me the senses to spot the first and best creation of many adorable creators. The beautiful minds are going to be my company for rest of life! Loving life every day!

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