Dawki – Khasi Mandarin Oranges

Dawki is a town in Meghalaya that has a major connect road and river to Bangladesh. Got a chance to visit India- Bangladesh border. It’s a peaceful place covered by West Jaintia hills, Wah Umngot river and white pebbles all over. There is a beautiful hanging bridge from which the river is a scintillating view. It’s a very delicate bridge that can hold weight of only 15 persons at a time though, it’s fun to walk and click photos on it. There is also boating service available. Kayaking is fun in the waters. I got a chance to do Kayaking first time in my lifetime.

At the India Bangladesh border we are allowed to take photos. They sell nice lip-smacking native fruits and berry bowls at the border. We ate some watermelon, pineapple and some berries.

I bought Khasi Mandarin Oranges in Dawki, the King of Oranges! The most delicious, slurpy yummy oranges I have ever had in my life. They are too sweet and it is said the Khasi Mandarin Oranges are gifted in local custom to let go of Anger! The fruit melts our taste buds. May be people can’t blurt out words of anger if they eat it, no doubt! The fruit has very good medicinal properties and its skin and all parts are used widely in Ayurveda.

Umngot river is major tourist attraction of Meghalaya. It looks serene, the sunrise and sunset visible above the Jaintia hills. Its beautiful view of sunrays reflecting in the river.

We camped for one night in the riverbank. It was simply an awesome night. We could hear the local music played at opposite bank until midnight. We witnessed a wedding ceremony in the evening. The natives have a Royal dressing sense and very westernized. Major population of Meghalaya are all educated. Tea sellers to vendors speak English very well. Language is not a problem if you visit Meghalaya.

It was almost two days after full moon when we camped in Umngot riverbank. The moon was still full and visible in the night. We had campfire to survive the cold climate. The sunrise was even more pleasing and serene. We did Kayaking in the morning and walked in the shallow waters of the river. The beautiful colours of the river brown, half white, light green and turquoise green is heartwarming!

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