Umiam lake and Elephant falls

Umian lake is located near Shillong. The lake is part of Umiam dam, the first Dam constructed for Hydel power generation in north-east India and is operational since 1965. The lake has serenity imbibed as we visited in the afternoon time the sun rays was glittering like flutters of fireflies. The lake has a park attached with play area for children. The place has boating and other water sports. We just viewed the lake and moved on to next location.

Elephant falls is three-layer waterfalls located near Shillong. It was named by the British as the rock looked like elephant. But in an earthquake in 1897 the shape of the rock got collapsed. We need to walk down few steps to visit the second and the third falls. But the picturesque view is worth the climb. Best place for photography. The rock walls had mosses making the place look greener and chill. It was pleasant experience hearing the musical falls.

The night we stayed in Sohra at Laiaiker Inn. It was a comfortable stay. Sohra was little cold at night but tolerable. We walked across the streets in night for dinner in Sohra. In the morning the tea shops open late, but I was lucky to find one shop open earlier and had Tea with biscuit. The people speak English very well. Easy to interact with vendors. There was a beautiful old lady who wore a sling bag stylishly and served me Tea.  In the morning children were walking to school in different uniforms. It was a pleasing sight. Just opposite to Laiaiker Inn there is a huge Football structure on a building which belongs to the ministry of earth sciences. Its remarkable landmark.

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