Life is like a song!

Life is like an ocean!
every minute, teaches us something.
the strangers have a message,
the world is full of warmth!

Go for the hidden treasures,
and life begins there!
The silence is more beautiful,
like the fishes in the sea!

A smile from unknown face,
brings back the daily refresh!
A good morning that falls in the ears,
brings back the charm!

In the wild there is more life,
than in the urban buildings.
Its all humans here,
but there its all inclusive!

The Venus plays its charm everywhere,
the gamers are from Mars.
But the Jupiter shows the light,
at the end of the tunnel!

I love the Jupiter,
I love the Jupiter!
for I love the books,
for I love the messages all way!

As I keep going,
the rubbles and stones,
are cleaned up to walk,
my personal legend!

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