Mawsmai Cave, Meghalaya

Mawsmai Cave is located near Sohra, Meghalaya. It’s a very long cave of which 150 meters is allowed for visitors. It’s well-lit with flashlights all the way and very safe to move inside. Not recommended for people with breathing difficulty and elders. The cave has artistic limestone formations fossilized by the water stream that runs through over ages. As we walk by, we can see the water seeping through the caves in many places.

Some places in the cave are narrow. We need to squeeze inside the holes. Good shoes are must as the lower surface is very rocky and uneven. I sprained my leg by jumping between the rocky stones as in the dark the floor was not visible. This was my first cave spelunking experience. I did not know the dos and don’ts. So learnt it the hard way!

The rock surface was super chill and very smooth to touch. The cave is very clean and there are steps to walk in many places. Better to carry a torch or mobile phone with torch with us as there could be power shutdown inside the cave. No doubt the sages prefer caves for meditation. The cave has peace enthralling ambience with pin drop silence. The flashy heat of sunrays can’t reach inside the cave making it have conducive temperature all day. Was feeling happy to sit inside the cave for some time, the best natural seat formed by nature for ages. It’s a delight to watch the limestone formation of slated layers and pillars. The Symmetry at some places in the cave surface are mesmerizing. It’s like natures art painted in black and grey.

Finally, we came out of the cave and there was sunlight at the end of the tunnel. There is thick green forest outside the cave. The place is full of trees, shrubs and chirping birds. Overall, a very pleasing experience!

A red colour bird spotted in the greenery

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