The desire to go to Meghalaya was enthralled by the intention to see the Living Root Bridges. Where building bridges are a necessity for peace and prosperity across the world, the natural bridge fascinated me to the core. The idea of building bridges with the roots shows our Indian ethnicity and how our ancestors were resourceful with minimalism and lived close to nature embracing its blessings. In the sunlit morning I saw the root bridge with sunrays penetrating every nodule and reaching my eyes. It was a divine blessing and felt like paradise on earth.

Double Decker Root Bridge in morning sunlight

The Khasi tribes are skilled in making these root bridges and there are 100 such root bridges connecting the villages of Meghalaya. The Double Root Bridge of Nongriat kept motivating me all through the tough trekking trails of Nongriat some 3500 steps down a deep valley. It takes 3 to 4 hours trekking from Tyrna, Nongriat to reach the Double Decker Root Bridge. Around 3 to 4 kms walk through a fleet of steps crossing two villages in the valley, an iron bridge crossing the river flow walking through the pebble stones and rocky terrains. We started Nongriat trek around 3pm in the afternoon and reached “Serene Home Stay” after sunset around 6pm in the evening. This homestay is the one with good food and room facility among all other homestays in the vicinity. Because whomever I met in the trek seemed to stay in the same place.

View from Iron bridge on the way

The Root bridge is just a few steps away from the homestay. I could visit the root bridge both in the evening and the next day morning. Seeing the root bridge in early morning sunrise is a delight I didn’t want to miss! That was all I went to the place for walking with my cramped foot. In Nongriat trek I felt the uphill climb on return journey to be easy, because by that time my foot cramp got relaxed and I got used to walking better. Learned to trek better after trekking to the rainbow falls in the morning which is another 3 km away from double root bridge. It takes another 3 hours of trek. The rainbow falls and the “Swimming Pool” are not to be missed beautiful eternal places with blue waters.

Natural Swimming pool
Rainbow Falls – Spot the rainbow yourself behind the falls

The turquoise blue and the rainbow formation behind the waterfalls portray natures beauty at its best! You can have bath in this place though the water is too chill. Its good for a dip. I preferred a highland rock near the waterfalls to enjoy the drizzles from the waterfalls and to have closer look at the rainbow. The waterfall was so calling! that I jumped and rolled between the rocks forgetting my foot cramp to reach to nearest point. Because I did not want to miss the best opportunity in the lifetime! Was not sure if I will visit the same place again ever trekking all the way. Embracing nature makes us realise how small we are in this universe. Time teaches how small the world is that we can reach any place if we have the desire and will!

Happiest moment near the Rainbow waterfalls

Maggi noodles and Chai (tea) at the stall near Rainbow falls is nice and a one stop shop before and after waterfalls visit. After trek and after feeling the chillness of the waterfalls you end up so hungry. This shop owner has built a restroom also in the woods behind. Near the double root bridge there is a shop, I bought Mango drink from there during evening visit. Nothing like sitting alone in an unknown land, watching natures beauty, the double root bridge and sipping “Maaza” and listening to music of flowing waters. From rainbow falls to Serene Homestay I trekked all alone just to enjoy the chirping birds and oxygen in the dense forest. This trekking ground is absolutely safe for Solo travelers. All we need is a torch if sunsets. Some reptiles could be moving in the bushes, but the local people walk up and down everyday carrying goods and Bay leaves through the path. So it’s a man used path. The place has heaps of Bay leaves fallen on the walking path. Imagine walking on a carpet of fragrant Bay leaves!

Double Root Bridge in the evening

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