After the hectic 3 days trek in Nongriat (1 day to trek downhill and reach Serene Homestay, 1 day to trek to Rainbow falls, next day saw double decker bridge in morning sunrise and left the Homestay and came uphill) we reached the Mawkdok Dympep Valley. It was a foggy layer of mountains. The valley is located between Shillong and Sohra. The place was so cold even in the afternoon. This place has the best zipline and longest zipline around 230 meters. We trailed this distance twice. There is a waterfall in the middle of the valley which we should see while zipping. All the fear will evaporate in the urge to view the waterfalls.

First Short zipline to and fro
The Second long zipline to and fro
All ziplines put together

There are four ziplines and if we are struck in the middle the in-charge people wait ready to help us reach the other end. The hand brake is something interesting. A leather pad attached to gloves should be used as a stopper. Pressing the gloves hard along the line will slow down the move and bring us to halt. They charge Rs.1000 for the four ziplines which I felt was very reasonable. We need to do a small trek to comeback to reach the other starting point from the longest zipline. Its stones laid in between the forest and feels so fresh and cool to walk uphill. From there we come back to starting point viewing the waterfalls.

After zipping we had lunch at Mawkdok Maggi Shop just opposite to the zipline point. They have all junk foods both veg and non-veg with a parking area. Eating hot-hot food in that chillness was like heaven. From there we moved on to Mawlynnong village for night stay.

My zipline ride

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