Avalanche, Ooty

Avalanche is located 20 kms away from Ooty. It has lush green forest and wildlife which is a must visit if you get a chance to visit Ooty in Tamilnadu, India. The Upper Bhavani Dam, Emerald Lake and the Sholas are the places to visit in Avalanche.

The Upper Bhavani is located in a forest zone. It’s managed by the Government Forest department. Jeep safari is available inside the forest zone. They take us on an off-road ride to the origin of Bhavani River. At the starting point of the water stream there is a Deity, Bhavani Amman temple. The scenic view from the temple is very beautiful and gives lot of peace to the heart. In the sounds of the water stream and the splashing drizzles on our face, a silent prayer is soul touching.  I was sitting near this stream for a long time observing the waters. This is the main source of water flowing into Bhavani Sagar Dam.

Upper Bhavani

The Upper Bhavani Lake is another beautiful landscape often covered by mist. The colour of the lake and the ambience kept changing every moment with the climate and sunlight. Sometimes the water looked deep blue, in minutes it looked aqua green. Mesmerizingly magical beautiful place I must say.  

Upper Bhavani Lake

On the way back from the forest zone we saw Foxes standing on the road. We were travelling in an open Jeep. We waited there for 15 mins until the Foxes crossed the road. The Forester who drove the jeep said the foxes have just finished hunting nearby. It was a thrilling, lovely wild experience.

Foxes at Avalanche
The Foxes and the metal rod is the Jeep antenna

 The Emerald Lake which is green in colour is another attraction. All through the way to Avalanche we can see this emerald lake stretched to a large area surrounded by hills. The colour is unique. There was a check dam on the way where we walked over it and took photos.

Emerald Lake
Check Dam

The Sholas are the evergreen forest, at a height of 1500 meters found in the valley, glens and hollows surrounded by grassland. They come under the broader class of Tropical Montane Forest. These trees have average height of 10 to 20 m due to wind. They are short and bushy with many lateral branches. They are also called cauliflower trees due to their appearance. These trees cause good rain and are useful in maintaining river streams. There was a small water stream on road near the viewpoint.

The Cauliflower Trees
The Sholas view point

Avalanche was less crowded than Ooty and a lovely place for nature lovers. The week next after our visit there was a landslide and heavy rains in Avalanche. The roads had to be repaired. The wild animals needed the rain so much because the place was dry when we visited. The tourist guide cum driver who took us to Avalanche said you visited at the right time. Emerald Memories!  

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