VAGAMON : Floating clouds tranquil Paradise

Vagamon is a small hill station in Kerala, India, accessible from Cochin which has airport. From Cochin there are buses to Vagamon. Its 100 kms away from Cochin, nearly three hours of travel by car. We can reach Vagamon from Kumily, Tamilnadu which is about one and half hour travel distance nearer than Cochin. All the way in our travel uphill we saw so many waterfalls. The topography of the place is very beautiful.  

Vagamon is called the Cherrapunji of South. There is rain throughout the year. Go prepared to manage leeches. Plain sandal is better that shoes, you can often check your feet. Because if it gets inside the shoe, you won’t even feel the pain. Then it’s painless blood donation. All of us got bitten by leech at least once, even the kids. Remedy is to rub your feet with Dettol or hand sanitiser. For that smell the leeches won’t get nearby.

We planned a three-day trip to Vagamon. We stayed in CAMPPER Eagle Point Camp for one night. The Eagle point camp was so comfortable. As soon as we reached in the morning, we had breakfast, and the jeeps were ready for us. They took us to Marmala waterfalls and Karikadu viewpoint from the campsite.  It’s around twenty kms away from the camp. It was continuously drizzling. On the way back to the camp we could take bath in a private waterfall. It was absolute fun climbing the boulders to reach the higher levels of the falls. It was almost like a natural pool between the rocks surrounded to hip height.

We came back chilled and shivering to munch on a hot and tasty lunch provided in the campsite. Kids friendly, very hospitable place. Good food and neat toilets. Mr. Sanju took care of all arrangements so well. The camp tents are made by Decathlon and well maintained. Throughout the night we had very heavy rain. Despite that not even a drop of water entered our tents. The Quechua camping tents were so very comfortable and spacious that three of us could stretch and sleep peacefully.  We had campfire and DJ music for the night soon after dinner. Was fun dancing around for our favourite songs.

When we left the campsite next day morning it was declared red alert in Idukki district and there was torrential rainfall. That is when we moved to “Vagamon Heights”. This accommodation can be reached only by jeep and few kms away from main road. Once you go in, you must depend on their jeep service to come out to the main road again. But a very peaceful serene place inside and many film shoots happened here before.

In Vagamon Heights we booked a tree house and a bungalow next to restaurant for stay. This resort has amazing activities including boating, Kayaking and zipline all inside the campus. Jeep safari inside the property in between the lemongrass fragrant plantation was awesome! The activities are all very reasonably priced. We thoroughly enjoyed stay and food there. We came back on day three watching the clouds downhill. Our hearts floating with the white clouds covering the green mountains. A true paradise on earth and natures painting!

Zipline in Vagamon heights
Kayaking in Vagamon Heights
Clouds and clouds

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