Cafe Bodega – Altinho, Goa, India

If you want to taste yummy tummy food in Goa, Cafe Bodega is the ideal place. I ate lunch for two days here with friends. Meaning we could taste multiple dishes!!!

A Portuguese style building with art exhibits called the Sunaparanta centre is located in Altinho, Panjim, Goa. In the middle of the building, the Cafe Bodega is located in open air ambience. This Cafe is operational from 10 am to 6 pm only during the art museum functioning time. Closed on Sunday.

The art museum was a very unique experience. Documentary movies are played in different rooms with couches to sit and watch. One movie we watched for few minutes was a typical middle class south Indian home wherein the women were closing the doors and windows during sunset. They were then combing hair. Felt nostalgic typically remained my granny’s routine.

Another movie we watched for a while was a village with an old couple. The tribal couple were staying alone in that village with many houses but no other humans. The couple had made effigy of all villagers and placed them all round the village. Looked like scarecrows. They were calling each of them by name beating drums. Felt like people must have died in any epidemic or the like. Was little emotional to see.

Many photographs were displayed. Typically the art museum theme keeps changing. Its a place for art lovers.

Now coming to our yummy lunch in Cafe Bodega. We tried all the below dishes and all of them were out of the world taste!!! yum!!!

Carrot apple ginger juice – This was really tasty and a nice appetizer.
Mutton shakshuka and sourdough toast –
Mutton was so tasty cooked and yum.
Smoked Chicken and Egg Salad –
I ate combination of Chicken with Pomegranate for the first time here and it was tasty.
Japanese style fried Chicken Sandwich –
Fried chicken was sooo juicy yummy.
Fusilli with pesto –
This was with all the Italian seasoning and really fragrant.
Chicken stuffed omlette with sourdough toast
– I have never had such a perfect chicken sandwiched omlette.

Another important place to cover in Altinho is the Panjim Church. Its a very radiant lovely looking church. Many film shoots have happened here. The church has beautiful double staircase in Portuguese style architecture. The silver bell and the Portuguese white blue colour combination makes the church look so unique.

If you have time you can go around the Fontainhas in Altinho. These are the 200 year old buildings and lanes typically Portuguese style. These buildings, including Cafe Bodega building are heritage structures which are preserved by the Government.

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