Firewalk is Good!

If there is no sunset,we will not know the value of sunrise.If there is no newmoon,we will not know the value of fullmoon. We remember the happy moments in life as memories,butwe remember the saddest moments in life as achivements.Stormy nights in deep sea for few hours is always remembered,more than a thousand voyages inContinue reading “Firewalk is Good!”

Alleppey : The Venice of India

Alleppey or Alappuzha is located in God’s own country in the backwaters of Kerala. Its houseboats are world famous. The people of Alleppey navigate by boat service to their houses and marketplace. As we move along the backwaters, we can see boat stops all the way just like bus stops. The main source of incomeContinue reading “Alleppey : The Venice of India”

You are the Muse

You are the Muse,of all captured moments!You are the music,Behind all the memories! The two little dolls,Get all your attention.No matter where you stroll,they grab everyone’s appreciation. Creativity needs inspiration,After all the perspiration,You make everything complete,untying the knots and folding the pleats,The Midas touch is in your Muse! You are the Muse,Who creates Titans!You areContinue reading “You are the Muse”


Rating: Cast : Nayantara, Ajmal, Saran Sakthi Streaming: Disney Hotstar Language: Tamil The film is a remake of the south Korean Movie “Blind” which is also available in Youtube. The story of the film has all elements of heroine centric film. Nayanthara has given a blast, super good performance! The heroine introduction is mind-blowing. HerContinue reading “Netrikann”

Mimi : Movie Review

Rating: The movie has a message that motherhood is not for the weak but for the brave women! The film is a comedy drama. Kriti Sanon looks awesome in the dance sequence. All the artists have performed their part well. But the storyline looks loosely coupled. The depth is missing and logic missing in manyContinue reading “Mimi : Movie Review”


As you come in my arms,I am mesmerized by your charms,my little wonder,I see you ponder,before you cuddle! As I sing the Tamil songs,your mil nails pierce long!the cervicals resonate,the seven sounds,as your eyelids cuddle under my neck! As you count with your tiny fingers,I see the rhythm matches,my pats on your shoulder,and the cuddlesContinue reading “Cuddles”

Astrology: Bhrigu Bindu

The planets in the solar System that revolve around us and keep touching us with their rays every moment gives us science of Astrology. Bhrigu is the sage among Saptharishis who gave Astrology to people according to Hinduism. Bhrigu lake and Bhrigu ashrams exist in many places in Indian Territory. His purpose of making AstrologyContinue reading “Astrology: Bhrigu Bindu”