Delighting Waterfalls of Meghalaya

Nohkalikai Falls Nohkalikai Falls looks tallest flowing from a great height into an aqua pool of blue waters. Surrounded by the Sohra East Khasi hills, it feels exuberant to watch the falls in bright sunlight. We can’t go near the falls. It’s just for view. Rainbow is visible behind the waterfalls. The falls is namedContinue reading “Delighting Waterfalls of Meghalaya”


After the hectic 3 days trek in Nongriat (1 day to trek downhill and reach Serene Homestay, 1 day to trek to Rainbow falls, next day saw double decker bridge in morning sunrise and left the Homestay and came uphill) we reached the Mawkdok Dympep Valley. It was a foggy layer of mountains. The valleyContinue reading “MAWKDOK DYMPEP VALLEY ZIPLINE, Meghalaya”


The desire to go to Meghalaya was enthralled by the intention to see the Living Root Bridges. Where building bridges are a necessity for peace and prosperity across the world, the natural bridge fascinated me to the core. The idea of building bridges with the roots shows our Indian ethnicity and how our ancestors wereContinue reading “LIVING ROOT BRIDGE & RAINBOW FALLS”

Mawsmai Cave, Meghalaya

Mawsmai Cave is located near Sohra, Meghalaya. It’s a very long cave of which 150 meters is allowed for visitors. It’s well-lit with flashlights all the way and very safe to move inside. Not recommended for people with breathing difficulty and elders. The cave has artistic limestone formations fossilized by the water stream that runsContinue reading “Mawsmai Cave, Meghalaya”

Mawlynnong village Meghalaya, the cleanest village of Asia

A beautiful morning at the Mawlynnong village, the cleanest village of Asia. After going there, I realized it’s not only clean, but every house has such beautiful home gardens with flowers of all colours. Felt so much of positive energy in the resident’s lifestyle. The roads are the cleanest that it’s hard to spot dust.Continue reading “Mawlynnong village Meghalaya, the cleanest village of Asia”

Umiam lake and Elephant falls

Umian lake is located near Shillong. The lake is part of Umiam dam, the first Dam constructed for Hydel power generation in north-east India and is operational since 1965. The lake has serenity imbibed as we visited in the afternoon time the sun rays was glittering like flutters of fireflies. The lake has a parkContinue reading “Umiam lake and Elephant falls”

Dawki – Khasi Mandarin Oranges

Dawki is a town in Meghalaya that has a major connect road and river to Bangladesh. Got a chance to visit India- Bangladesh border. It’s a peaceful place covered by West Jaintia hills, Wah Umngot river and white pebbles all over. There is a beautiful hanging bridge from which the river is a scintillating view.Continue reading “Dawki – Khasi Mandarin Oranges”