The Coffins of Egypt, Turin

The Egyptian museum in Turin has a Coffin gallery located at the first floor. The way the coffins are organized is stunning. I liked the way they all stand zig-zag in welcoming posture.  From the front view it feels like some artistically painted wooden statues until we peep at the sides of the wooden blocks.Continue reading “The Coffins of Egypt, Turin”

The Gallery of the Kings of Egypt, Turin

The Egyptian museum at Turin is most important museum next to the one in Cairo. The museum is located at the heart of Turin near Piazza San Carlo. The entrance ticket is 13 Euros. There was a man dressed like Tutankhamun at the entrance and he was screaming scaring the people standing in the queueContinue reading “The Gallery of the Kings of Egypt, Turin”

Streets of Turin

November is a month of events in Turin. I think I was a bit lucky to land there during the weeks of November. This was my day one at Turin city.  On a rainy Sunday morning I was walking to Piazza san Carlo through Via Roma, the street with the richest shops of Turin. AsContinue reading “Streets of Turin”

Palazzo Madama, Turin

Piazza Castello is the famous square in Turin, Italy that houses the Palazzo Reale and Palazzo Madama. The palaces of the king and the queen by name respectively. Palazzo in Italy means “Palace”. I was very curious to see the queen’s palace from the time I heard they are both must visit places in Turin.Continue reading “Palazzo Madama, Turin”

Chocolate Festival at Turin

It was a Sunday in November and I was walking to see the Palaces in Turin. I walked through Via Roma and as I reached Piazza San Carlo, it was a big surprise. I was in a land of chocolates and chocolates everywhere. As I stepped forward I saw piles and piles of chocolates around.Continue reading “Chocolate Festival at Turin”

Mole Antonelliana, Turin

Here is my Travelogue on visit to Turin in Italy. Turin or Torino as the Italians would call is the old capital of Italy. As it was the capital city before, there are a lot of Palaces and Gallery to walk around. It’s located in the Piedmont region in the northwest part of Italy, atContinue reading “Mole Antonelliana, Turin”