Mawlynnong village Meghalaya, the cleanest village of Asia

A beautiful morning at the Mawlynnong village, the cleanest village of Asia. After going there, I realized it’s not only clean, but every house has such beautiful home gardens with flowers of all colours. Felt so much of positive energy in the resident’s lifestyle. The roads are the cleanest that it’s hard to spot dust.Continue reading “Mawlynnong village Meghalaya, the cleanest village of Asia”

Ahobilam – Barefoot trek on slated rocks (Day 2)

I got up at 4 AM in the morning without an alarm. I liked the Peace at the place and slept a deep six- hour sleep. We stayed in a marriage hall with lodges combined accommodation with simple facilities like geyser and Air conditioner. The rooms are spacious and good for one night stay. IfContinue reading “Ahobilam – Barefoot trek on slated rocks (Day 2)”

A trip to Ahobilam – Day 1

Ahobilam located at Karnool district in Andhra Pradesh, is a Pilgrim cum Trekking cum Jeeping cum Spiritually enlightening place. Lord Narsimha, one of the ten avatars of lord Vishnu is said to have incarnated here. He was a lion headed man and emerged out of a pillar in a palace as per mythology. He savedContinue reading “A trip to Ahobilam – Day 1”

Masinagudi – The forest and wild life

Masinagudi is a town located near the famous hill station Ooty in Tamilnadu, India. The Mudumalai National park is located near Masinagudi. There are numerous resorts for night stay and wild life safari is very famous. If we have luck we can see tiger, Leopard and wild elephants. The resorts occupying the wild life habitatContinue reading “Masinagudi – The forest and wild life”

Murdeshwar Beach View

Murdeshwar is a coastal town in Karnataka. The place has fishermen community settlements. There are very affordable lodges with beach view. You can get descent rooms for Rs.900 per day as well. The beach is very beautiful and calling. Its fun to have hours of play time in the Murdeshwar beach. The Murdeshwar temple isContinue reading “Murdeshwar Beach View”