Firewalk is Good!

If there is no sunset,we will not know the value of sunrise.If there is no newmoon,we will not know the value of fullmoon. We remember the happy moments in life as memories,butwe remember the saddest moments in life as achivements.Stormy nights in deep sea for few hours is always remembered,more than a thousand voyages inContinue reading “Firewalk is Good!”

I am still alive!

Passing clouds pass,Thunder storms blast,Caterpillars scroll,Oh! I can feel the hundred legs!I am alive! Bus on the road,Trees and shops move on beside,The bus horns roar,Oh! I can hear the sounds!I am alive! Walking on the pedestrian,I see so many people chat,The dogs race around,The storybook selling small girl says“sister buy my books”Oh! She speaksContinue reading “I am still alive!”