There she is!Prioritizing every task with her brains,Even the computer works on algorithms,First in first out or a quick sort. Her brain needs no Mathematics,Just her love and wholehearted attention,Makes every task run,Everything falls in place! She can write an assignment and cook food,Receive a Post at the door and count cooker whistle,Attend office meetingContinue reading “Multitasking”

Unconditional LOVE

There she waits for me near the window,Her eyes searching for me quarter of an hour.My tiny figure appears approaching home,And she is triumphant of spotting her golden deer. Her happiness is that elixir never getting empty,And gets refilled as she feeds me food,Carefully examining every bite for my liking.My dislikes are her memory charts!Continue reading “Unconditional LOVE”

Mother’s silence

A mother’s silenceIs as soft as the feather,As sweet as the nightingale,As true as soul’s voice. The flares of fire,The lighthouse in dark sea,Blooming flowers in night,Are all mother’s love themes. When someone says,You are doing well!When intuition smells,There is hidden danger,It’s mother in the air around,For the breath and body is all hers! IfContinue reading “Mother’s silence”

Life Speaks!

Life speaks to us, as we hear in silence,The voice so calm and composed,Keeps us of the mundane violence! The voice so enchanting and alluring,Speaks the unknown truths,Enthralling thoughts,Depicting the commotions! The future is safe, the present is perfect,The days have gone, the footsteps imprinted.The lights behind fade away,Awaiting the new lights ahead. Winning andContinue reading “Life Speaks!”