Delighting Waterfalls of Meghalaya

Nohkalikai Falls

Nohkalikai Falls looks tallest flowing from a great height into an aqua pool of blue waters. Surrounded by the Sohra East Khasi hills, it feels exuberant to watch the falls in bright sunlight. We can’t go near the falls. It’s just for view. Rainbow is visible behind the waterfalls. The falls is named after a lady Kalikai who ended her life in the waterfalls.  The rains of Cherrapunji feeds this waterfall throughout the year.


Wei Sawdong Falls

Wei Sawdong waterfalls is the most beautiful waterfalls I have ever witnessed. The Nokalikai and Wei Sawdong falls are both located near Sohra. We finished seeing both in Half-a-days’ time. The layer of slated rocks and the turquoise green water pool is a delight to an artistic eye. This waterfall is called Sawdong meaning Square as the falls has a square shape. There is a trek route to reach near the falls to have a dip in the pool, but very difficult one. To view the falls, we need to trek for some 300 meters halfway. It’s a little steep trek with lot of trees to grip if we slip in the trail. The trekking is worth the strain to view the paradise.

Krang Shuri Falls

The Krang Shuri falls is a must visit for swimming enthusiasts. We reached this waterfall from Dawki which is 30 kms away. The falls has a perfect blue water pool to swim. Reaching the waterfalls and back is like a target race for swimmers. Life jacket is a must and available on rental as the depth is more. There is also entry fee to the falls. It looks like a twin falls, both flowing at equal width. It takes a 1 km trek to reach the falls down a fleet of steps in the greens. Feels very refreshing to walk the path watching the surrounding mountain. While we were in the falls two young bikers brought their bikes up to the tip of the falls onto the rocks. The pathway to the waterfalls is so friendly to navigate. In Meghalaya, Krang Shuri is a must visit place.


Phe Phe Falls

Visiting the Phe Phe falls was made very interesting as we stayed in a Hut for one night. The place had only some 10 huts and a master kitchen. No electricity at the Hut. Only bulbs would glow with Generators. Except for the bulbs at the Hut the outside area was pitch dark. The temperature was 9 degrees. No heater provision. We had campfire for the night and very delicious Chicken to eat for the night. The only cozy place in the accommodation was the kitchen as it was very warm. I slept at the floor of the hut with bed and quilt. In the morning the quilt was squeezy wet and I got puffy eyes despite layering with many winter clothes and wearing double socks. Sleep was almost a big no no in the cold and numbness.

Hut we stayed in

In the early morning we watched the sunrise and moon on either side. It was divine! Life so close to nature. The Hut stay near the dry grassland and river atmosphere without internet connectivity, or any modern luxury is a must try once in lifetime experience. The falls is located near Shkentalang in Meghalaya.

Moon on top in the morning

In the morning we went on a boat to the other side of the river. Then walked for half an hour in a grassland to see the top of the waterfalls. As the sun was rising all the numbness in the body got reduced and finally, I started sweating around 8 am, thank God! Back to life. The waterfall is good for photoshoot. We took some snaps and returned walking and by boat crossing the river to our Huts. This was the last day spent at Meghalaya. I came back home with loads of memories and a heap of life changing experience.

We crossed this rivulet to see phe phe falls by boat, photo taken early morning from the Hut.
Phe Phe Falls

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