Boat, Cruise, Ferry – Beautiful GOA

The Divar Island

The boat rides I took in Goa where so significantly different. The ferry ride was first time experience in my life. I watched a mini lorry seated on a ferry crossing the Mandovi river, along with some two-wheelers and our Honda city car. We were also sitting in the steel benches in the ferry to reach the other side of the river bank. I got to visit Divar Island. The only means to reach this island is through the ferry points as there are no bridges. The residents of the Island commute to office by the Ferry. The bus that runs in this Island comes to mainland by the ferry service.

This is the ferry we travelled in.

The Island has the indo-portugese houses with Balcao at the entrance of the house. The Balcao are the seat or benches at the entrance portico of the house. The Divar Island has a old church “Our Lady of Piety” with a beautiful hill top view. Near to the church is a banyan tree and the wind gushing there surrounded by the trees was a relaxing experience. Very silent Island with very few vehicle movement. We found it to be a peaceful place away from the tourist crowd and usual commercial ambience of Goa. If you can hire a two-wheeler in Goa and reach this Divar Island, you can go around the streets, for the Island has well built roads with lot of trees and calmness. It should be a refreshing experience.

Can you see a white mini lorry moving in the ferry?

The Mandovi River Cruise

On a Saturday evening we boarded the sunset cruise in Mandovi river. I got my silhouette picture in the sunset cruise. They charge just Rs.500 for a 1.5 hours cruise trip, with local folk dance, DJ and fun. Its really worth. The river point has all the casinos of Goa glittering in night. The river, lighting and music feels vibrant. It was another refreshing experience. The cruise has usually double decks. Its nice to stand at the top deck and enjoy watching the casinos and vibes.

Mandovi cruise

For DJ we danced for popular hindi songs like “Kala Chashma” in the lower deck of the cruise. It was all fun vibes. They arranged Goa village folk dance for us to watch. It was with the traditional Goan fisherman’s costume and unique konkan songs. The jingle in konkan songs are super energizing.

Dolphin watching in COCO beach

From COCO beach we boarded a motor boat to see the Dolphins in free sea. These Dolphins have rescued a lot of fishermen. The Dolphins cannot breath in water just like humans. They need to dive out every 10 minutes to inhale oxygen from air. They cant survive in deep waters. Also they cant survive in land because their skin will dry. Only in the water their body temperature can be regulated. Rare to hear a fish cannot survive in water. The Dolphins in Goa are friends of the fishermen here. The Dolphins keep rounding this sea shore freely.

In the boat trip we can see the Agoda fort light house, the Goa old prison and Diamond merchant Jimmy’s Bungalow. Most importantly we can see the lovely Dolphins. Hats are sold for Rs.100 to Rs.200 in the beach. I bought a hat there, the typical Goan style to beat the heat of the Sun. It was very useful, protective and photogenic. Happy Goa sightseeing!

Dolphin jumping just after the boat moves
With my Hat

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